Wednesday, October 8, 2014


My baby is one.  It goes so fast with the first one, but happens in a blink with the second.  Everett loves to giggle and climb, shows no signs of walking or talking, and can definitely throw a fit and give the sweetest hugs and kisses.  We are not quite off the bottle or baby food as he is still sporting just 2 teeth.  We'll get there!  His birthday fell the day before Easter so we had a Peter Rabbit themed party.  Glad we celebrated when we did, because by the evening, he had a fever from ear infection #i'velostcount... Poor baby boy.
21 lbs 44th% weight
30 in 55th% length

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cabo Wabo-2013

I was so blessed to meet a group of wonderful girls during medical school and 10 of us get together EVERY SINGLE year.  Sometimes it's for a wedding, sometimes for a baby shower, and sometimes we let our husbands come.  Our 2013 trip started out as girls only, but the guys quickly squeaked in.  For some reason they didn't want to stay home with all the babies why we hung out in mexico sipping margaritas... who knows why :)
Lofton tried to derail the plans with a diagnosis of strep throat the day before we left, but we jumped on some antibiotics and was feeling well enough and fever free for Mommy to feel comfortable getting on the plane.  It was a quick Thurs-Sun trip but so refreshing and kind of maxes out our time as long as we have such little ones at home.  Until next year...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

EMW-11 months

Everett has become quite the CLIMBER!!  Different child or difference in boys and girls?  I am unsure but I do not recall this degree of climbing with Lofton.  He can crawl right up the stairs without a problem and thinks it's hysterical.  He's working on getting on the furniture and taught himself to flip over onto his tummy and slide off the couch.  Everett is eating some table food but with only 2 teeth (and a super cautious mama) we still do quite a bit of pureed foods.  Also, he says "mama".  maybe it's to me, maybe it's just an easily syllable to repeat...either way, i'll take it!

And then THIS happened.  We're not sure if it was a reaction to penicillin or a virus that may have set it off, but regardless I never want to see my baby look this way again!  It is called erythema multiforme.  He wasn't bothered by it and did not have any breathing difficulties, but he was so swollen that he was unrecognizable.  No more penicillin allowed in the Mitchell house!

The Little Mermaid

Our sweet friends Jenni and Brynlee Silverman invited Lofton and I to go see The Little Mermaid musical on 3/1/14.  It is so fun to do "big kid" things with her and she loved the show.  Really, she loved the first half.  She slept some of the second half since it didn't start until almost 8 :)  Looking forward to many more fun outings with friends!

EMW 10 months

Everett turned 10 months on 2/19/14.  He is now a full on crawling machine and is also pulling up and waving bye bye.  His sleep continues to be pretty good and we are SO thankful.  No signs of walking in the near future which is fine by me!  I think crawling is just adorable.  A small amount of hair tells me he won't be bald forever, but a haircut is unlikely in this calendar year :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweetheart Party 2014

Similar to the Christmas party, the kids school does a fun sweetheart dance each year.  This year it was super cold and drizzly so the turnout wasn't great, but we made it a fun girls' night nonetheless.  Gigi even joined us!  Lofton had her face painted "like a glittery princess", decorated (and quickly devoured) cookies, took funny pictures, and danced with her mama.  This little one stole my heart almost 4 years ago and continues to do so with each sweet smile.  xoxoxo baby girl.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daddy/Daughter Dance 2014

We are so blessed to live in a suburb full children and devoted daddies.  As such, the city puts on an annual daddy/daughter dance and we decided that 3 was the perfect age to give it a shot.  The daddies and girls all met over here for some pics, they carpooled to the dance, and then to buca di beppo for dinner.  there was a lot of dancing and cookies (7 per Lofton although Dewey will not confirm this number) and we will definitely be doing this again next year.
My little princess...